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Importance of Backups

One thing a lot of businesses overlook is the importance of thorough back up procedures. Well thought out and documented back up procedures can mean the difference between having a few hours of downtime and losing all of your data. CFL has several backup services to help you but ultimately, responsibility of backups remains with you.

Types of Backup

CFL supports multiple media types for backing up your VetlinkSQL or HairlinkSQL data including;
  • Automatic Cloud Backups (Recommended)
    • Reliable backup and recovery with data off-site and off-city
    • Fully automated
    • Only pay for the storage space you need
    • Incremental file back ups
    • Secure. All data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption
    • Full back up
    • Can reuse media
    • Inexpensive
  • USB
    • Full back up
    • Can reuse media
    • Inexpensive
    • Easily transported off-site

We recommend using a combination of these methods to provide maximum recoverability of your data. For example, if you used both Automatic Cloud backups and DVD backups, and last night’s DVD backup was corrupted for some reason, we would still be able to use the cloud backup to restore your data. Having multiple backups provides a failsafe if something goes wrong with one of the backups.

CFL Recommended Cloud Backup

CFL will install a backup agent on your server which will backup your HAIRLINKSQL data as well as any other specified data to a secure data centre.  All backups are encrypted for security and compressed for transmission efficiency. This way of backing up also protects your data from local natural disasters by backing up to our overseas servers. CFL recommends this backup in conjunction with CDRW/DVDRW or USB backups for maximum contingency. For more information about cloud back up click here or email

Third Party System Backups

CFL Recommends third party system backups in addition to CFL backups. However these should exclude the CFLDATA.GDB (database) file. This is because the Firebird database is a random access file with complex internal structure, it has its own caching mechanism and even if there are no connected users there could be I/O activity caused by cache flash/synchronization or automatic housekeeping, and there will be interference between file system copying and Firebird activities. Although direct copying is usually harmless it should be avoided. All CFL installed backups run via a script using Firebird commands to access data safely and check for basic errors.

Backup Timing for CDRW/DVDRW and USB

CFL recommends having separate media for different backups for example having a CD for Monday and a different CD for Tuesday in case there is corruption in a backup that goes unnoticed you can still revert back to an earlier backup.

A typical backup cycle would be
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • 1st Sunday of the month
  • 2nd Sunday of the month
  • 3rd Sunday of the month
  • 4th Sunday of the month
  • 5th Sunday of the month (if exists)
  • End of Month – January
  • End of Month – February
  • End of Month – March
  • End of Month – April
  • End of Month – May
  • End of Month – June
  • End of Month – July
  • End of Month – August
  • End of Month – September
  • End of Month – October
  • End of Month – November
  • End of Month – December
  • End of Year

This will ensure that you always have a recent back up to restore from in the event your data cannot be used.

User Backup Check

Users can ensure that files are copying to their backups by looking in the media they have backed up to. For example, Open your USB drive, look at the date on the file and ensure that it matches the date you last backed up. Within the check the date on the cfldata.gbk matches the date of your last backup.

CFL Backup Check Service

CFL also offer a Backup Check service where you can send your backup CDRW/DVDRW or USB backups to us and we will restore your back up and ensure there are no corruptions. This is a great way to ensure not only that your backup has copied files to external media but also that it can actually be used to be restored from. Although files may have copied across, those files may be corrupted and unusable for a restore. For those that have the Annual Database maintenance service, this is included as part of the services, otherwise a small fee excluding postage and handling will be charged for each backup checked.

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