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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Written by: hl2admin
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Message From Management  

Welcome to our October Newsletter. We are currently trialling Online Booking which is looking extremely promising. We should be able to announce its limited availability to interested clients within a few weeks.  
Also some housekeeping. When making payments to CFL please include the invoice number as this helps us to allocate payments correctly. If you have any unallocated payments please contact to get it rectified.

I will let you know of more exciting things planned at CFL next month. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Online Booking
Monthly Special
 Tip 1: Cloning Products
 Tip 2: Customising Report Margins
                        Hairlink Version 4.5


Devendra Patel [BE(Elec), ME(E&E), MemIEEE, Mem NZSA]
CEO, Computer Fanatics Limited.

  Online Booking  

HairlinkSQL's new Online Booking system is about to be released. This new system will give your clients the ability to check available times and book appointments through your website, without actually being able to see your diary. It works in a similar manner to an Airline booking system where only available slots are provided for a date and for the part of the day requested (morning, afternoon, or evening). You will be able to fully configure what they can book for and what they can't. Additionally, all bookings will be subject to your final acceptance and confirmation.


 For more information about the online booking module please email


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Monthly Special  

Compact and quiet, the ECOSYS FS-1120D printer fits the needs of small offices and businesses. Get the job done professionally and economically with the ECOSYS FS-1120D - the printer that fits the needs of small offices and businesses.

Product Features
Output Speed: Up to 30 A4 pages per minute
Processor: PowerPC 405F / 360MHz
Resolution: Fast 1200 dpi
Warranty: 2 year RTB warranty - extended warranty options are available

Price: $495 + GST

$495 + GST

To order a Kyocera ECOSYS FS-1120D printer please email

CFL Engineer's (or engineers') time for installation and setup will be billed as incurred at our standard hourly rate. Please check your system compatibility. No refunds, no returns. Offer is only available to NZ clients until 30 September or while stocks last.

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Tips 'N' Tricks  
TIP #1: Cloning Products

A new feature in Version 4.5 is the ability to clone products. This is useful if for example you have multiple complex services that have the same products associated with them but the quantities or prices are different.

1. Open the product you want to clone from the 'Product' button.

2. Click the 'Actions' Button.

3. Click 'Clone Product'.

4. Select the stores that will stock this product and click 'OK'.

5. You will see the same product screen however this is your new cloned product!

6. You can now make the changes for your new product for example changing the name and product quantities for multiple  services.

NOTE: You can change fields like the 'CLASS' and 'BUY SIZE' on your new product so you can also use the feature if your buysize changes without having to enter all of the product information again.


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TIP #2: Changing Report Margins

Another feature added in Version 4.5 is the ability to adjust margins on an report by report basis. This is useful for adjusting the margins at the top of invoices so that if you have preprinted letter head paper it is visible instead of being printed over. Because you can change margins on a report by report basis it doesn't effect the margins of other reports.

1. At the top of HairlinkSQL click 'Options' > 'Pick lists setup'.

2. Click 'Reports' then double click on 'Other Reports'.

3. Select 'Invoice' from the category dropdown menu at the top of the window

4. Search for 'SR-001 Tax Invoice' and double click on it.

5. On the right hand side, select 'Yes' from the Custom Props drop down.

6. Enter the amount of margin you wish to add into the 'Top Margin' field

NOTE: This value is in 1/48th of an inch so 48 will be 1 inch.

7. Click the tick to save the changes and exit the window.

8. Set the same properties for 'SR-002 Tax Receipt'. Save and exit picklists.

9. Restart HairlinkSQL for the changes to apply.

This can be done for all reports as well as with the Bottom and Left margins.


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HairlinkSQL Version 4.5  

Have You Received Your FREE Upgrade to HairlinkSQL 4.5?

As you should now be aware, Version 4.5 is available for upgrade. Before you book an upgrade please make sure you have read and understood the update notes available here then call the helpdesk to schedule a time.

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P2P Limited  

Would you like to send Monthly Newsletters like this one to your clients? Check out the P2P Limited website as well as this link to see how you can integrate HairlinkSQL with your website and send HTML emails like this one. The website can also let your clients log on to check reminders, account balances, bonus points, appointments and much more

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21 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand

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