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Nov 2

Written by: hl2admin
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  Monthly Newsletter, November 2012  
Message From Management  

Hello again and welcome to our November Newsletter. Online Booking is now released and we have lots of clients already signed up. We're heavily booked with new set ups until January next year, but we may still be able to fit you in. So contact to sign up and we will try to find a spot for your clinic as soon as possible.

With the holiday season coming up with have some great tips for setting up holiday rosters and reserving holidays from bookings which are sure to help you out during this busy period.

Until next month, I wish you the very best.

In This Issue

Monthly Special
Tip 1: Holiday Rosters
Tip 2: Setting Holidays
Hairlink Version 4.5



Devendra Patel [BE(Elec), ME(E&E), MemIEEE, Mem NZSA]
CEO, Computer Fanatics Limited.

Monthly Special  
HP 8200 Elite AIO Desktop PC

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Operating System
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Tips 'N' Tricks  
TIP #1: Holiday Rosters

During the Christmas period we often need to change the diary times in the software to allow staff members to work a few extra hours, a few less hours or an extra day or two.  As these adjustments don't require permanent changes to the roster we can use manual changes on the appointment diary to schedule these changes.

How Do I Add a Staff Member to a Day They Are Not Already Rostered To?

To add a staff member to the diary for a particular day, open the diary and navigate to the day you wish to add the staff member to. Click the 'Staff' button and  select 'Add Staff' from the menu. Search for the staff member you wish to add on, once you have selected them they will be added to the diary.

How Do I Change a Staff Member's Start or End Time on the Diary?

To change a staff members working times open the diary and navigate to the day you wish to changes the times for. Locate the staff member and right-click the 'not-working'  time for that staff member. Select 'Change to Manual'. You can now drag and drop the 'not-working' block to reflect when the staff member is to start or finish.

What Does 'Change to Manual' Mean?

Normally, staff members are put on the diary based on the usual roster settings in the staff record.  Occasionally though, a staff member's times may change for one-off events.  It is not practical to do this by changing the usual roster as it would become a permanent change.  To simplify one-off changes in the diary, the 'not-working' blocks can be changed to a 'manual lock'. This means that when the program applies the usual staff rosters, all 'manual locks' are left as is, and are not affected or changed by the roster.  Changing the 'not-working' times to manual lets the background program know not to adjust the times back, but to leave them as they have been set.

I can't drag the times far enough! 

If you find you can't drag an end time down low enough, or a start time up high enough, you may need to change the business hours.  The business hours govern when a staff member is able to work. To change the business hours follow the steps below.

Log in with your staff ID and password (you may need OWNER access rights to be able to change the business hours - this will depend on your system setup) | go to 'Options' | 'Picklists Setup' | 'Diary' | 'Business Hours'. This will open the Business Hours window, from here you can enter your new business hours.  Remember to enter the times in 24-hour format!  Save by clicking the red tick button in the bottom right hand corner of the window, and then say 'Yes' to the reallocate diaries prompt.

All the Staff Members Can't Fit Onto One Page on the Diary!

The zoom levels control how many hours you can see down the side of the page and how many staff members you can see across the top. Over the Christmas period you may have more staff working than normal which now don't all fit onto page in the diary. To configure the zoom levels to see more staff follow the steps below.

Log in with your staff ID and password (you may need OWNER access rights to be able to change the business hours - this will depend on your system setup) | go to 'Options' | 'Picklists Setup' | 'Diary' | 'Diary Profile' | double click on the diary you wish to change zoom levels on | change the 'staff' column in the zoom level setup to the number of staff you wish to see. NOTE: On smaller monitors increasing the number of staff you can view may make the font size on appointments hard to read.

Can I Set Up a Holiday Timetable in the Roster?

HairlinkSQL also supports the use of one off holiday timetables in the staff roster. A blank holiday roster will remove staff form the diary for the period specified. Alternativley a holiday roster set up with holiday hours can be set for the holiday period, once the holiday period expires the the staff members hours revert back to their normal timetable. If you are an advanced user and want to hear more about this function please call the helpdesk.




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TIP #2: Settings Holidays in the Diary

HairlinkSQL allows you to set holidays in the diary so no appointments can be booked on those days. This ensures that appointments are not made on days that staff are not available.

How Do I Set Up Holidays?
Login with the highest rights you have, then go to 'Options' | 'Picklists Setup' | 'Diary' |double-click 'Holidays' | the holidays list is displayed.  Click the blue '+' symbol to add a new holiday | enter the date and name  of the holiday | set the 'Status' to 'Active' to enable the holiday.  Click the 'Tick' button in the bottom right hand corner of the window, then click 'Ok' to save the changes.

If the holiday is already entered but is for a previous year just click on the date and select the correct date from the calander.
If there are any appointments already booked on the selected date, the system will not allow you to activate the holiday, but will display a warning informing you of the number of appointments found on that day.  You will need to move all appointments from that day to another day before you can activate the holiday.
Once you have activated the holiday, close the application and restart. You will no longer be able to make appointments on that day.  If you look at the day in the diary, you will notice the text of the date has changed to a dark red, and the name of the holiday is listed in brackets immediately after the date.
To allow an appointment to be created on a holiday, you will have to  mark the holiday as 'Inactive'.  Simply follow the instructions listed above to get back to the Holiday List.






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HairlinkSQL Version 4.5  

Have You Received Your FREE Upgrade to HairlinkSQL 4.5?

As you should now be aware, Version 4.5 is available for upgrade. Before you book an upgrade please make sure you have read and understood the update notes available here then call the helpdesk to schedule a time.

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P2P Limited  

Would you like to send Monthly Newsletters like this one to your clients? Check out the P2P Limited website as well as this link to see how you can integrate HairlinkSQL with your website and send HTML emails like this one. The website can also let your clients log on to check reminders, account balances, bonus points, appointments and much more

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