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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Dec 10

Written by: hl2admin
12/10/2012 1:10 PM  RssIcon

  Monthly Newsletter, December 2012  
Message From Management
Hello all and welcome to the final Newsletter for 2012. I write this brief update as I travel through India for a family wedding. In February we will be at the stage to announce full availability of some new features and modules that are in a testing phase at the moment. At this stage we do not expect to publish a newsletter in January unless we have something to report.

Thank you very much or your support in 2012. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at CFL.

In This Issue

Holiday Hours
Monthly Special
Tip 1: Sending a Holiday Email
                        V.4.5 Update







Devendra Patel [BE(Elec), ME(E&E), MemIEEE, Mem NZSA]
CEO, Computer Fanatics Limited.

  CFL Holiday Hours  
We would like to take this opportunity to advise you that CFL will be operating with reduced staff levels over the holiday period, from the 24th of December 2012 to the 9th of January 2013. The helpdesk (including after hours assistance) will be CLOSED on public holidays. It is advised you schedule any work that may require helpdesk assistance outside these times.

Date Helpdesk After Hours
24th December, Monday Open Open
25th December, Tuesday Closed Closed
26th December, Wednesday Closed Closed
27th December, Thursday Open Open
28th December, Friday Open Open
29th December, Saturday Closed Open
30th December, Sunday Closed Open
31st January, Monday Open Open
1st January, Tuesday Closed Closed
2nd January, Wednesday Closed Closed
3rd January, Thursday Open Open
4th January, Friday Open Open

We will be operating usual business hours from Wednesday, 3rd of January 2013 and back to 100% staffing levels from 7th January, 2013.

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  Holiday Special  
Seagate External Hard Drives

With the busy holidays coming up it is more important than ever to ensure that you data is backed up. Nothing would be worse than your system going down and not having your HairlinkSQL data backed up to restore from!  These portable USB 3.0 powered, external hard drives are perfect for backing up your data and then easily taking off site for additional protection.

Form Factor: External
Drive Width: 2.5"
Storage: 500GB or 1000GB (1TB)
Interface: USB 3.0
Backup Software: Backup Plus
Warranty: 3 Years

$115 + GST


$165 + GST


The Seagate® Backup Plus portable drive simplifies backup for consumers who want to protect their entire digital life, stored locally, in the cloud or on social networks. Via the Seagate Dashboard, use the Protect function to set up a one-click plan or customise your scheduled local backup. Keep multiple copies of your files in case disaster strikes.

  • Choose from two easy backup options: automatic or scheduled
  • Save the photos that you have shared online — automatically
  • Share photos and videos on social networks such as Facebook and Flickr
  • Upgrade your connection instantly with swappable adapters (not included)

To order a Seagate External Hard Drive please email and specify which model you require.

CFL Engineer's (or engineers') time for installation and setup will be billed as incurred at our standard hourly rate. Please check your system compatibility. No refunds, no returns. Offer is only available to NZ clients until 31 December or while stocks last.

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  Tips 'N' Tricks  
TIP #1: Sending a Holiday Email

By using the bulk mailers function within HairlinkSQL you can quickly and easily send a holiday email to your clients.

  • Click on 'Reports' > 'Bulk Mailers' > 'Client' > 'Add New'
  • Click 'Yes' to Design New Report?
  • Enter the name such as 'Holiday Mailer', Category as 'Client', Printer as 'Forms 1'
  • Select 'Cln -> Bil' from table link and set 'One Entry per' to Client.
  • In the Email row under Use Client Marketing Tab select 'If mailers chckbox ticked in 'By Email''.

NOTE: This will send to only clients that have this checkbox ticked on their marketing tab, if you want to send to all clients regardless of whether they have anything ticked in by email select 'If Email Entered'

  • In the Email row under Template to Use click 'SF7: New' and enter name eg Holiday_Mailer. This will open the   HTML editor with a blank template.
  • Enter your subject line e.g. Happy Holidays from Clinic.
  • Enter your message in the edit window. This can be as simple or as complex as you like. For more complicated designs using HTML click on the first button (scroll) in the toolbar.

NOTE: Support staff are not HTML experts and will not be able to assist you in creating email templates. You can go to to learn more about HTML and CSS. Alternatively our inhouse designer can design a custom template for you. Please contact for more information.

  • Once you are happy with your design, save the template. Close the HTML editor.
  • Click the tick box to save changes and close the Properties window.
  • Use the filters to narrow the selection of clients that will receive the letters or leave them all blank to send to all clients. If you only wanted to send to clients that have been in within the last year select the last visit date from 1/12/11 to 31/12/12.
  • Click 'F12: Next >'. This will search for all clients matching your search filters.
  • As we are only sending emails click the 'Email' Tab at the top of the window.

NOTE: Clients shown in red on the 'All' Tab are in error, this will be because they are missing an email address.

  • Check through the list. Once you are happy, click 'Email' at the bottom. You will receive a warning about clients that are in error. If you do not wish to fix these errors click 'Yes' to continue. On the next dialogue, click 'Yes' to continue, this will schedule emails to all clients that aren't in error.
  • The emails will be sent as the background processes.

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  HairlinkSQL Version 4.5  

Have You Received Your FREE Upgrade to HairlinkSQL 4.5?

As you should now be aware, Version 4.5 is available for upgrade. Before you book an upgrade please make sure you have read and understood the update notes available here then call the helpdesk to schedule a time.


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  P2P Limited  

Would you like to send Monthly Newsletters like this one to your clients? Check out the P2P Limited website as well as this link to see how you can integrate HairlinkSQL with your website and send HTML emails like this one. The website can also let your clients log on to check reminders, account balances, bonus points, appointments and much more

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